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Hi there,
We are an Offshore Outsourcing, Recruitment & Placement Agency focused on Tech positions. We provide our clients all they need for the establishment of a successful offshore team-
your team, your culture, our remote offices.
We hire the best IT specialists in India and Eastern Europe and integrate them into local businesses, taking care of everything:

  • Quality- Our recruitment process ensures our clients only the top talents of developers.
  • Logistics- Don't worry, we have all the answers regarding salary, equipment, offices and more.
  • Price- get ready to save between 30-60% f salary costs.
  • Cultural advantages - English speakers that are experienced with working offshore and understand western culture.

Build the team that will insure your company's future- keep your local team busy with strategic assignment and let offshore teams take care of the rest.

Our team consists of professional consultants and recruitment specialists who have deep expertise in their respective industries. We are commitment to providing personalized service, deep industry knowledge, and an unwavering focus on quality.
This is the time use the wonderful advantages of the global world, to move your organization forward.
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